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The three bedroom apartments announce simplicity with a modern touch. The sitting area is a beauty to behold, leather seats, a flat screen TV with satellite connection where you can be able to watch interesting programs and news channels: this is great for the family as well especially when sight-seeing becomes exhausting at the end of the day, having some entertainment provides great relief. There is also enough space to entertain in the room and warm carpeting on the floor where the seats are. There is a separate dining area that accommodates six people but can also hold an extra seat in case there are invited guests. Both areas have wonderful lighting with wide windows that bring in just enough illumination creating a warm feel that will serenade your soul.

The hallway leads you to the rest of the rooms where ceramic tiling covers the floor of the entire apartment. Ceramic tiling comes in handy in the house as it is easy to clean and highly resistant to the harsh effects of high-humidity conditions.

The kitchen holds modern kitchen appliances and it has marble counter tops, therefore, making them easy to clean or wipe. There are kitchen cabinets on top attached to the wall and under the counters. The ones on top can help in storing condiments and ingredients while the ones below can be used for storing basic kitchen necessities which require more room. A standing cooker with four electric burners is available, a refrigerator, an electric kettle and a microwave.

There is an en-suite master bedroom that offers a bit more privacy thus perfect for a couple with children, our clients get to have the option of using either the bathtub or the shower as both are available and there is plenty of lighting in the bathroom. The best thing about the en-suite style is that it is great for that added privacy from the kids.

There is a double bed with bed-side tables, a built-in closet with a vanity table attached to it and drawers at the bottom to create more space for beauty products and extra clothing items.

The two other rooms can hold double or twin beds. Special requests are made to have twin beds at times so as to accommodate young children in one room thus maximizing efficiency and providing comfort as per the client’s needs.

Sleeping nets are available in all bedrooms. Ironing can be done as there is an iron box and ironing board.

The great thing about the three-bedroom apartment is that even the shared bathroom comes with a tub and shower so our clients experience nothing short of what they requested of our services.

You are entitled to relax! that is why the balcony welcomes you to take in a breath of crisp fresh air while enjoying the calming views. Patio furniture is set out and it is also another perfect area for entertaining friends when they come over or even enjoying a nice calm evening dinner as you overlook the gorgeous Nairobi outdoors.

The maximum capacity for the apartment is six people.

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Three bedroom apartments 2
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